STET Sustainability Consulting was founded in 2011 by Lucinda F. Brown—a professional with nearly a decade of business experience—to help organizations turn broad strategic goals into contrete step-by-step plans that provide a clear roadmap toward sustainability. In 2013, STET became certified by the Green America’s Green Business Network as an environmentally and socially responsible business. We reached the Gold tier by adopting principles and practices that demonstrate a strong commitment to conserving the environment and supporting social justice.

Lucinda F. Brown

Founder of STET Sustainability Consulting; Lucinda has a special gift for turning broad conceptual ideas into the detailed, step-by-step processes that provide a clear roadmap towards sustainability. Since 2009, her talent for organizing, analyzing, and synthesizing both quantitative and qualitative information, has helped clients effectively communicate material information to targeted stakeholders. Her recent book: “Small Steps, Big Strides: Building Sustainability Habits at Home” is training a workforce ready, when they punch-in, to tackle company specific sustainability strategies. An ISSP-CSP, Lucinda sits on the Board of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), where she heads the Research and Resources committee. Over the past year, she led a team of 30 subject matter experts from around the globe in developing two study guides—the ISSP-SA Study Guide and the ISSP-CSP Study Guide. Covering all six Domains of the Sustainability Practitioners' Body of Knowledge, these publications are the the most comprehensive preparation tools available for candidates seeking to gain their ISSP sustainability professional credentials.

Vision & Values

We believe that pursing a clear mission, remaining steadfast to core values, and taking action based on deeply held principles inevitably leads to success. So, as our name suggests, STET strives to help each client remain true to their mission, as they transform into more a sustainable enterprise. Since 2009, we have fulfilled this mission by developing and tailoring strategic tools to support our clients in effectively implementing efficient practices that will allow them to continue to operate in perpetuity.

Certain basic principles underlie our values and drive our actions as we work to fulfill our mission:

  1. Relationships matter – We believe that each person has innate value and commands respect.  Not only do we feel this as a moral imperative, we find better outcomes result when we empower people and encourage participation. Our commitment to fostering positive relationships leads us to prioritize cooperation over competition and impact over income.
  2. Integrity matters – We believe in telling the truth as we see it—even when inexpedient.  We believe that only the realistic assessment of current circumstances will lead to successful outcomes for ourselves and our clients.  By transparently disclosing our impacts while protecting our clients’ confidentiality, we endeavor to build lasting trust between ourselves and our stakeholders.
  3. Our actions matter – We believe in exemplifying the change we seek in the world—even as perfection eludes us. As we progress on our own journey toward sustainability, we commit to continuous improvement and to sharing best practices with those around us. We believe that our mutual commitment to action provides momentum toward our vision of making sustainability the established business paradigm.
  4. The whole system matters – We understand that our actions and interventions create change—both intentional and unintentional. We believe we have an obligation to harness that change for the good of our clients while seeking to avoid causing lasting damage to people, community, and organizational health.
  5. Local Matters – We believe in striving for a zero footprint as a way of reducing our environmental impact. We also understand that investments in our own community stay in our community and result in higher wages and a better quality of life for all.