STET Sustainability has several tools at our disposal that are designed to engage stakeholders in a rich dialogue about sustainability. Depending on your specific needs, we will select the tool that is right for your circumstances.

Green Bingo!

Green Bingo! is an entertaining, interactive, and, yes, competitive game that teaches 24 key actions, proven to embed sustainability into an organization's culture and practice. Beginners and seasoned veterans alike, across all functional areas, learn how to motivate, educate, and support staff so they can meet their strategic sustainability goals. Engaging in self-assessment & facilitated dialogue, participants perform a high-level gap analysis they can use to lead their organizations toward sustainability.

VISIS Accelerator

This highly creative process is appropriate for organizations that want to think deeply about sustainability, do work with systems thinking, and unify around a future vision.


This interactive process provides clients with a more prescriptive understanding of sustainability.  Participants engage in dialog about current practices vis-à-vis an ideal end state.