What's on our book shelf

To gain a deeper understanding of sustainability, we recommend the following books and articles. (If you plan to read these titles only once, please consider the more sustainable approach of borrowing these books from your local library—or donating them to the library when finished.)

Excellent Footprint Calculators

Useful Sites for Greening Your Business

  • Ask Nature - This wonderful biomimicry site allows people to seek answers to every day problems. Most often thought of as a resource for product designers, organizations can also learn for 3.8 billion years of nature's experience.
  • ENERGY STAR product information - Learn about energy efficient products then investigate the site more fully. ENERGY STAR has a huge amount of very useful information!
  • The Natural Step - Learn about the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development

Taking Green Practices Home

Watch for our upcoming book "Going Green One Step at a Time: Small Steps, Big Strides", by Lucinda F. Brown, where the following links are just a few of the many resources you can use to go green at home.