Small Steps Big Strides

Building Sustainable Habits at Home

by Lucinda F. Brown

300 pages; includes index




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About The Book

Small Steps, Big Strides is intended to build the foundational awareness and personal daily practices needed for a workforce ready to move our institutions toward a sustainable society.  Unlike others in the genre, this book provides more than a flowery “to-do” list of environmentally and socially conscious actions. It ushers readers beyond the vague goal of "saving the world"detailing why and how to take action, and offering step-by-step guides with worksheets for tracking individual progress.  Similar to the tools that support organizational transformation, this guidebook helps purpose driven people navigate their personal sustainability journeys.

What’s Inside

Do you ever feel like the challenges we face far exceed our ability to persevere? Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet! As individuals, we can have a positive impact on nature, the economy, society, and the wellbeing of individuals—by taking it one step at a time!

Small Steps, Big Strides offers a roadmap to success. It offers a menu of actions that support living life on your terms, within your budget, while contributing to a more sustainable world. Within these pages, you’ll find more than a “to-do” list of conscientious actions. You'll discover:

  • why sustainability matters, to you personally and to the world as a whole
  • tools to help you tweak your daily practices, making sustainability a habit—not a chore
  • additional resources for diving more deeply into subjects that matter to you

Collectively, the little steps taken by you, and me, and our fellow readers will grow into big strides—strides that can have a positive impact on the world!

About the Author

An idealistic child of the 1970’s, Lucinda embraced the concepts of sustainability at an early age. Then, the realities of life—juggling personal, career, and family issues—took center stage, subsuming her concern for worldwide challenges. 30 years later she looked out from around her blinders, only to discover that—although off her radar—those challenges had continued to mount. With her children grown, she found herself returning to those early roots with renewed commitment.

As founder and Principal of STET Sustainability Consulting her work now focuses on empowering businesses and their employees to create a sustainable future.

Lucinda sits on the Board of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) where she chairs the Research and Resources committee. Over the past year, she led a team of 30 subject matter experts from around the globe in developing two study guides the ISSP-SA Study Guide and the ISSP-CSP Study Guide. Covering all Domains of the Sustainability Practitioners' Body of Knowledge, these publications are designed to prepare candidates for their professional credentialing exams.

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