A solid understanding of the issues that affect your organization must be the foundation of any strategic plan. Understanding the competitive landscape through a peer benchmarking assessment can provide good information about where best to place your resources.  In fact, we have a number of clients, for whom we have gathered and analyzed data to inform their decision making processes. We have used this vital experience to fine-tune our benchmarking tool, which is based on The Compass Index of Sustainability developed by Alan Atkisson.


Benchmarking with Compass

Using the compass as a metaphor, our indicators are based on the four aspects of the world around us, namely:

  • N = Nature - Environment, resources, ecosystems, physical climate change impacts
  • E = Economy - Agriculture, industry, employment, income, investment, infrastructure
  • S = Society - Governance, culture, institutions, social stability, social trends
  • W = Well-being - Individual health, families, education, quality of life

In addition, we examine the level to which sustainability and systems thinking has been integrated into the organization.

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