STET Sustainability has several tools at our disposal that are designed to engage stakeholders in a rich dialogue about sustainability. Depending on your specific needs, we will select the tool that is right for your circumstances.

VISIS Accelerator

This highly creative process is appropriate for organizations that want to think deeply about sustainability, do work with systems thinking, and unify around a future vision.



STET Sustainability Consulting is licensed to use the VISIS Accelerator tools to help organizations throughout their strategic planning process. The VISIS methodology was developed in the 1990's by Alan AkKisson  to support sustainable development efforts in local and regional planning. Depending on your specific needs, we use these tools to help our clients:

  • Introduce sustainability to any group—or help deepen existing awareness
  • Create a comprehensive strategic sustainability plan
  • Develop sustainability indicators for an organization or community
  • Manage multi-stakeholder input and develop consensus for action on sustainability
  • Build capacity for strategic implementation of sustainability initiatives


During our Pyramid workshops, we take organizations through the ISIS methodology using a highly interactive, group facilitation process.  Over the course of two days, participants build a three-dimensional model while engaging in collaborative systems thinking, learning & awareness about sustainability, and planning for sustainable development. This versatile tool can be used as an introduction to sustainability, to create new initiatives, or to build consensus around a directed course of action. 



Amoeba builds learning around a central metaphor:  the idea that human cultures tend to operate similarly to amoebas, a single-celled organism. With the introduction of some Innovation, an organization adapts in stages, gradually absorbing change into mainstream thinking. The mapping tools provided by Amoeba, can help sustainability champions understand the roles played by various actors in the innovation diffusion process.  This understanding, then, informs the strategic planning process and helps organizations efficiently and effectively turn good intentions to reality.

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This interactive process provides clients with a more prescriptive understanding of sustainability.  Participants engage in dialog about current practices vis-à-vis an ideal end state. 

STET is certified to facilitate sustainability assessments using the S-CORE™ methodology (Sustainability - Competency, Opportunity & Reporting Evaluation) developed by AXIS Performance Advisors in collaboration with the International Sustainable Development Foundation and the Zero Waste Alliance. An internally focused high-level assessment tool, S-CORE can provide your organization with broad understanding of your sustainability indicators—specifically looking at how far you have integrated sustainability into their business practices.  A S-CORE™ assessment might be right for your organization if you:

  • Have decided to pursue sustainability and have undertaken some sustainability-related actions
  • Need baseline/bench-marking data to support your internal Indicator development
  • Need a tool that will inform specific policy and procedure development
  • Want a formal assessment to support the case for taking action

Depending on the size of your organization, during the S-CORE assessment process we evaluate between 30 and 100 practices across 10 functional areas of your organization.  We then issue a comprehensive report assessing your actions that includes:

  • Your data, benchmarked against others'—by practice and in aggregate
  • A quick "You Are Here" indicator
  • Gap analysis comparing your practices to the "Triple Bottom Line" expectations of your stakeholders (Note: not available with S-CORE for small organizations)
  • Recognition of your current best practices
  • Opportunities seen and recommendations for taking action
  • An inventory of current practices

Regardless of the level of integration, S-CORE helps organizations build a common understanding of what "green" means to the organization and its core mission.  In addition, management and staff develop an understanding of what sustainability means for their specific area of responsibility and how their actions fit with the organization as a whole.


About S-CORE

S-CORE was first published as part of The Business Guide to Sustainability and now dovetails with it to provide frameworks, tools and strategies for improving your sustainability performance.  The web-based version, created by Sustainable Measures, allows easier access by a wider audience of users.

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